Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Favorite Movie Scenes...

Just thinking about a few of my favorite movie scenes. There's no logic to it. A lot of them make me laugh, or smile. A lot of them just capture me every time I see it, and often times, I'm not sure of the reason....

Mostly for the scene in the bathroom, as Pee-Wee gets ready for his day. He decides that an important part of his ritual that day is to put tape on his face. That moment, when Pee-Wee rips the tape off his face, and screams in pain, is one of my favorite moments in all of movies. It's why I include it here. Couldn't find a shorter version. Still, the wake up scene as a whole is great. I'm 34, and I still wish I had a Rube Goldberg device that would make me breakfast. I also wish there was still Mr. T Cereal.

This scene always gets me amped up. Maybe its the Pisces in me, but one of the bits I love about Apollo 13 is how it emphasizes the effort of the NASA team, and doesn't single out anybody as The Hero. I like this scene because it gets a lot of the players into the view of the camera, if only for a half-second.

This scene's on one of the Apollo 13 soundtracks, and sometimes, I'll listen to it on my way to work....

I tend to think most movies would be made better by the Hanson brothers. The over-the-shoulder look the ref gives them is perfect. Just a great flick, full of moments like that.

In my imagination, I can tear stuff up like Jonathan Winters in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. This is human cartoonery at its very best. Favorite line, halfway through the brawl/demolition, he announces "You guys are gettin' out of line..."

Let's be honest. The Muppet Movie Empire went completely to shit after Great Muppet Caper. I'm hopeful for this year's Jason Segel effort, but not optimistic.

We root for Fozzy, right?

Yes. We root for Fozzy.

I love James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams. Terrence Mann is a man who once believed in Magic, had it taken away, and now has others looking for the Magic coming to him. He thinks Ray Kinsella is another one, looking for answers. I dig their story in the flick...because his journey with Ray will ultimately have him finding Magic again...

One of the best takes in all of history, when Mortimer realizes there's a body in the Window Seat.

Call it, Friend-O