Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chapter MMMCCCXIV: Or should I say, Crapter MMMCCCXIV?

Texts from your old pal Tommy:

"Normally, after dropping a bomb like that in a public restroom, I leave. Quiet and Confident. This time, I lingered. I worked hard. I deserve a McFlurry."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thoughts from the Ass End of the Night, Volume MMMCCCXXIV, Chapter 2

Little bit of the insomnia tonight. Odd dream that I couldn't quite shake, revolving mostly around a conversation about baseball. Not a bad dream, but it kept whirling around the same spot. Skipping record sort of thing. I think my brain made me wake up, just to change the subject. Got up to pee, and the rest is history.

Just a few random thoughts:

I don't follow the NBA. The finals last year was as close to interested as I've been in years, and the work stoppage that followed quashed any inkling I'd had of giving a shit. Still, I can't turn on ESPLin without hearing about this Jeremy Lin dude. Personal take? It's the same without a hot rookie hitter in baseball. Once he does a once around the league, adjustments will be made, and he'll be revealed for the true quality of player he is, depending on whether he can adjust to those adjustments himself.

Personally, I enjoyed Buzz Bissigner's take on Twitter about the man. He's simply somebody for American fans to dig on in the NBA, who isn't African American or Eastern European. I don't know if that's completely right, but it's food for thought. As an aside, if you're not following Buzz Bissinger on Twitter, do yourself the favor: he may run silent for weeks, but will occasionally burst forth with the angriest, craziest sports rant you've ever seen over a period of a couple of hours some random evening. Never boring. Ever.

Anyway, I won't say I haven't enjoyed the "Linsanity" or "Just Lin Baby" plays on words, though there's a circle of five or six sports fans among my Facebook friends who are just about to wear the former of those two phrases out. Makes me wonder why we have to stick with the "in" part of his name. Why not call a scoring barrage by Mr. Lin "Linslaughter?"


Started reading Hunger Games yesterday. I think I might be the last person on the Planet Earth who's not read the book, which I am enjoying. Well put together read for a younger crowd. I refrained reading it before I went to bed tonight, because I had to be up 6 hours later. Joke's on me, I guess. Maybe my brain Wanted to read the kids book!!!!!


Wandering around the idea of going back to school, lately.

They've closed a lot of stores in my area. The joys of working for a publicly traded company headquartered 4000 miles away is that you're a number on a spreadsheet, and of those numbers don't add up black....

I'd transferred back to the Chattanooga area because I was looking to promote at some point this year. And now, it's looking next to impossible.

That's frustrating. And it's made me enjoy the job a lot less, in recent weeks. Which I'm sure has made me less pleasant to be around, in some quarters. It's tough to buck up for another 55 hour work week when you're just not sure it's going to get you anywhere.

Probably dumb to put that out there on a public forum, but it's the truth.

So. Looking hard at ways to return to school. Even if it means going back into debt.

I was trying there for a while, picking up classes toward a second degree. Kinda fell by the wayside, due to a number of factors (time, money and the desire to have some semblance of the life all among them).

I don't know. Kicking it around.

In the meantime, keeping my eyes open. Customer service is wearing my ass out. I'd like to find something with a Saturday or two off, every now and then. Had to change my Saturday off for this weekend, my first in 5 weeks. Was wanting to wander to a small Con this weekend, and maybe do a little early birthday celebration. Chalking yet another one up to "wasn't meant to be."

Too many of those.

So, looking around for something that might give me a Saturday off, every now and then, without feeling like I have to mortgage half a life to get it.



Monday, February 13, 2012

The listens, this day, 13 February 2012

No posting for a month?

I've been writing, and working, and trying to have a life. You know. Like you do.

Been writing quite a bit, really. Trying to be silly. Maintaining the vibe is hard.

Anyway: Here's the listens for this morning's writing session:

Kmag Yoyo Hayes Carll
Janglin Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
Tom Ames' Prayer Robert Earl Keen
The Lords of Salem Rob Zombie
Neat, Neat, Neat The Damned
San Jose The Mavericks
Nobody Told Me John Lennon
Aftermath USA Drive-By Truckers
Wild Honey Pie The Beatles (fuckin' threw me off my game, too).
Beat on the Brat The Ramones
Diggin' Me Down Ozzy Osbourne
Accountancy Shanty Monty Python
She is Gone Willie Nelson
If You Belonged to Me Traveling Wilburys
Grown So Ugly The Black Keys
Rocky Road to Dublin Dropkick Murphys
Everything Else is Illusion Shooter Jennings and Heirophant
Highway to Hell AC/DC
Polar Nettles Neko Case
Flowers on the Wall the Oak Ridge Boys