Monday, May 21, 2012

A Horrible Poem. Horrible

My best friend was an aardvark.
An aardvark named Mark.
Mark liked to bark.
Bark in the dark
at the park.

One night in May, on a lark
I went with my aardvark
straight to the park.
So he could bark.
In the dark.

And oh the night, it was dark.
No Stars. Really stark.
"I like it dark,"
Said my aardvark.
"Bark, Bark, Bark!"

Bark, Bark Bark, Bark, Bark bark, Bark!
Bark Bark. Bark, Bark Bark!
Bark! Bark Bark Bark
Bark Bark Bark Bark.
...bark Bark Bark!

Bark bark bark Bark Bark bark Bark
Bark Bark Bark! Bark Bark!
Bark bark bark bark
bark Bark Bark bark.
Bark Bark bark?

So, ten minutes at the park
barking, in the dark
there in the park
came a yell: "Hark!"
"why do you bark?"

And the question flummoxed Mark.
Finally, "I am Aardvark!"
Said to the dark.
"Do aardvarks bark?"
Question: to Mark.

 "I am an aardvark. And I bark.
And I bark in the park.
Bark in the Dark.
I am Aardvark.
Hear me bark:

Bark Bark Bark, Bark Bark bark bark!
Somewhere in the dark,
a night so stark,
heard my aardvark,
heard him bark.

 "Stop!" said he. "My name is Clark.
And it is quite dark.
Rest, I need! Hark.
Please leave the park.
Stop your bark!

"No!" said Mark! "I'm An Aardvark!"
And then, from the dark,
Through the dark park.
Laserbeams? Clark?
At my aardvark.

 Up in flames went my aardvark.
I am no Petrarch.
Sad words, for Mark.
No trip to park.
No more bark.

I thirst for vengeance for Mark,
my deceased Aardvark.
Died in the park.
Lasers from Clark?
Clark? A Shark?

There is a headstone for Mark.
Metropolis Park.
I know the shark.
So do you. Hark!
Mark's Dark Shark?

Superman. Man of Steel? Stark,
Dark Park Aardvark Narc.
Revenge? Bark Bark.
Kryptonite. Bark.
Bark Bark Bark.

 (Not to pat myself on the back too much, but I really enjoyed how I rhymed bark with bark so many times....)