Monday, May 26, 2014

In which he laments being a grownup

Somehow, campers, I'm in the midst of another stretch where I'm working 11 out of 12 days.  I don't advise this, in any field, but especially customer service.  Wandered into a Kobayashi Maru with a lady who claims our coolers aren't keeping milk cold enough, and that every milk she buys goes sour.  My response it didn't thrill her and she took my questions as treating her like a lying devil.  I wasn't treating her like a lying devil.  I am a fucking professional.  But, since truth is beauty, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it turned fucking unpleasant in a hurry.

I'd asked for one part of this "holiday weekend" off.  This afternoon.  My nephew turned 4 today.  Wanted to go to his birthday party.  But, we clusterfucked the weekend up with training sessions that we thought needed to be done next month but really needed to be done this weekend.  So, on top of a holiday, we're trying to do training sessions.

Rah Rah Ree.

We wander straight out of the holiday into an Inventory.  Which is fun.  I've got a good crew, and they're doing a bit toward getting us ready, a week out.

I say all that to say this:  It's a wonder I stay as fat as I do doing all the running, he says as he shoves another handful of chili cheese fritos into his maw.

I also say all that to say:  I miss my friends.

Thankful for the little bit I do get to see them.  Got to see my friend Julie last week, and meet her husband and kids.  That was cool.  

I don't get to see my best friend much.  He didn't get to go see Julie for sicknesses and his own having to be a busy asshole.

I don't get to see my girlfriend much, here lately.  She works like a botard, too.  Especially around holidays.

Didn't get to go to a friend's wedding this weekend, either.  Ain't that some shit?

I dunno.  Being a grownup sucks.

Yeah, we get to drive the cars, and watch all the internet porn.  (ALL THE INTERNET PORN).

But it ain't fun sometimes.

A lot, lately.

Thinking of a new gig.

May be time to stop thinking.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Random Thoughts for the Blogamathing.

A month??!?!!?  Dying Hobby?!?!?!??

It's been a goofy month.  Working like a botard.

Had a cooler go down at work.  Infuriating set of circumstances that involve simple bullshit negligence.  Made all the more infuriating by being a manager short for the week.  It only made for a 15 hour day, and an 8 hour day off!

Difficult week, made more difficult by the Universe's perverse sense of selective listening.  As I drove to work that Friday, I commented that the only thing that would make this week more difficult would be if the auditor decided to stop in our store.  He'd been in the area, and we'd had the heads up.  Out of 15 stores in our neck of the woods, he wandered into ours.

Work.  Headaches.  Haven't gotten out and done stuff with friends in months.

So.  I was happy for a "normal" week this week.

Even happier that it had a weekend off.

Got to see my friend Julie and her husband John, whom I'd only talked to online before yesterday.

Got to wander out to the Drive-In to take in Amazing Spider-Man 2 last night (which was a disappointment, in that I didn't want to see 2 hours of Andrew Garfield's big sad eyes...)

Anyway.  It's more botardism as we come up on both a holiday and inventory.  Vacation comes quickly thereafter.