Tuesday, December 27, 2016

In which there will be no holidays


It happens every holiday.

I work like a botard.

The holiday, if I get it off (and Christmas is the only one guaranteed), it's a break.

I slept 9 hours 15 minutes last night.  I feel practically human again.

I'm gonna wander off at the mouth, here.  Probably not worth reading.

I haven't had a weekend off since November 12.  Kinda hoped to have this one off, temporarily forgetting that New Years Eve is a holiday, too.

I'd hoped for the one after, but my boss decided to go on vacation next week.

I'd asked to see if I could get two days off in a row, outside of a weekend.  It's been scheduled for Thursday and Friday, but it rarely happens when the boss is on vacation.  Having two days off in general rarely happens when he's on vacation.

As an aside, that comes as a surprise to some people.  That I have to ask for two days off in a row.
But, I do.  Such is life in retail when you're open 7-days a week.

Also tired due to changing schedules.  I opened yesterday.  I close tonight.  I will be working tonight past the time that I went to bed last night.

It's not impossible.  Just tiring.

I'm tired, campers.  I spent last night and part of this morning making my apartment look like it wasn't a crazy person that lived here.  The Christmas rush came in here like a tornado.  I was behind on picking up, dishes, laundry.  Still mostly behind, but now it doesn't look like a candidate for a reality show in here.

I want to take a day to watch some movies.  To go to the movies, maybe.  To be with Shyam when we weren't both running like crazy.

Just venting.  Like I said.  I don't like holidays.  And time is why.  I'm exhausted...


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