Sunday, December 17, 2017

Random Thoughts

Day off.  I'm working too much.  I'm working too many nights.  I'm tired of going home exhausted, and feeling like I haven't accomplished a thing.  This feeling comes every holiday season, so maybe it'll pass.  I'm tired of dreading the holidays, though. 

With dad's death, I'm really not feeling it.  I miss him.  Very much.

I find myself envious of my teacher friends who have a couple weeks off.  Makes me wish I'd finished my attempt at going back to school.  Kicking myself over that one. 

Had an odd thought regarding Christmas last night.  Outside of family or church events, I can't recall ever having gone to a Christmas party.  There have been work events, but they're at work, and I don't go unless I'm already going to work, so I don't count them.  I may be wrong, and completely misremembering something.  But I don't think I've ever been to a Christmas party with friends.

Going to see the new Star Wars flick today.  I've managed to avoid spoilers as much as I could.  It means staying off social media, for the most part.  I've come to think of that as The Lost Rule.  In that I couldn't go on Facebook or Twitter the night Lost was on, if I was working, because people can't help themselves...