Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Random Thoughts on the 17th Anniversary?


This blogamathing has been floating around the interweb for 17 years now?

I have employees younger than that.

It's not as regular a hobby as it once was, but I appreciate the twos of you who show up on the semi-regular to see if I've posted some more dimwittery.

A few random thoughts:

The jobplace has been kinda tough here lately.  Lots of turnover, and lots of new faces.  The biggest part of my job lately has been trying to figure out, when something isn't done, whether it's been missed out of ignorance or apathy.

The schedule has not been kind, lately, either.  We lost a manager in October, and have only gotten him replaced this week.  It's meant a lot more closing shifts for Big Stupid here lately.  And I work for somebody who prefers having me close anyway.  It makes life a little more difficult outside the jobplace.  I don't get to see Shyam, family or friends often...and if you're a constant reader lo these 17 years, you know that's a concern even before I become a Second Shifter.  I made it to one local baseball game this past season.  I've made it to only a small handful of movies this year.  And trying to get together with friends?  A rarity.

Eh.  Not trying to be all woe is me about it.  It's an aggravation, though.

Other random thoughts?

Shyam and I did wander to watch Terminator: Dark Fate last week, and we both kinda liked it.  The fight early on between Mackenzie Davis and Gabriel Luna is fantastic.  It's got a nice twist that follows up nicely to Judgment Day.  It's not great, but an enjoyable use of an afternoon, anyway.

Playing with Disney Plus this morning.  Watched a few episodes of the X-Men animated series, and a handful of Donald Duck shorts.  Didn't understand the use of the original ratio aspect for those, but not the Simpsons.  In the first 30 hours or so that it's been available, the "stretching" of The Simpsons was an online complaint of much note.  Currently watching "Homer the Heretic" and it is formatted to fit the widescreen.  The square aspect isn't distracting, and in the case of Simpsons, cuts off a couple of visual gags.....

Currently enjoying a couple days off in a row.  We may wander out to see a flick again this afternoon.  Doctor Sleep, maybe?  Or maybe we'll get a wild hair to wander up to Knoxville for Parasite or The Lighthouse.

Anyway, if' you're still stopping by for inanity, I appreciate it.....