Thursday, January 21, 2021

Inauguration Day and Whatnot

 We inaugurated a new President today.  Count me among one of those feeling relief.

I don't care a lot for Biden.  But I look forward to not waking up wondering if the incompetent fool at the White House blundered us into World War III.  And on the wrong side.

What's more, it'll be nice to have a guy in the White House who seems genuinely interested in doing the right thing . (For the record, I felt much the same about Obama, and even Bush the Younger....I was always much more concerned about the people surrounding Bush than I was Bush himself).  

Mostly, I look forward to leadership that aspires for us to be something bigger than ourselves.  

Something great.

That phrase has grated on my nerves probably since 2015.  

Make America Great Again.

Fuck you.  America was always great.  We don't need a grifter coming in making himself and his friends richer, telling us he's gonna make us great again.

Trump is one of those guys who can't tell the difference between fear and respect.

I wrote in November 2016 that a Trump presidency would not end like those who voted for him thought they would.  It was a travesty.  From top to bottom.  Up to and including the treasonous events of January 6.

Anyway.  Biden inherits The Plague and 73 million assholes who voted for Trump.  I wouldn't wish that on anybody.  I hope he's up to the task.....