Monday, November 13, 2023


 21 years ago,  in a galaxy far,  far away,  I started typing nonsense onto the interweb on this here site. 

I don't visit often,  anymore.   "Real Life" and all that. 

How's life these days?

Mom's improving after her stroke.   Her therapist is impressed with her recovery,  and thinks she's capable of a full recovery.   She's about to graduate from a walker to a cane.  We wandered to Chattanooga McKay's to trade in a box of books she's been sitting on since the spring.   She picked herself up a book and a couple seasons of a teevee show to watch....

The rest of Life is chugging along.   We're running into baby trout season,  so the Tyranny of Fishes is impending. 

Doing a NaNoWriMo project,  but my writing is rusty.   Word count ain't great but any words are better than 0.

Wandering towards my first Thanksgiving where I'm not looking at a 60 hour work week.   That's feeling pretty cool. 

Anyway.... I'm gonna try to write here a little more.   We'll keep on trucking.....