Tuesday, February 06, 2024

A movie made starring people with the birthday same as mine

 A movie made, starring people with the same birthday as mine.

Rihanna and Trevor Noah play estranged siblings, each gifted, but neither having spoken to the other in at least a decade.  Their father is assassinated.  The father was was a gifted crimefighter, who often wandered into the gray areas to get things done.  He is played, using archival footage, by Sidney Poitier.  

Rihanna has become a fixer for the biggest mob family on the East Coast.  That mob is led by Chelsea Peretti.

Trevor Noah is a gifted cop for the NYPD.  His captain, who can't handle Noah's mile-a-minute banter, is NBA legend Charles Barkley.

The assassin is French Stewart.  Playing himself.  Sick of playing comedic roles his career.  

The soundtrack features work by Rihanna, Chris Thile, Olivia Rodrigo and the late Kurt Cobain.....