Friday, November 15, 2002

November 15, 2002

My Books-a-Million Discount Card expires today. THROW A PARTY

And let me just ask this question. Why should I waste all my time being sensitive about the emotions and feelings of others if all they're going to do is look at me stupidly? Much like a dog.

I don't worry about the dog's feelings.

That's not true. I spend much of the day worrying about the dog's feelings. Is she happy? Is she sad? What have I done to make her angry? Please make the dog pay attention to me.....

Perhaps that's part of the problem

Today one of my favorite episodes of A-Team was on, but I just caught the last 12 minutes or so. Still, it made me happy. I really think it would have changed the dynamic of the show if Hannibal would have given Good Ol' Howling Mad Murdoch a good smack every now and then.

But then, the show might not have been so good.


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