Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Highlighting Yet Another Difference between Tommy and President Obama

In volume 18 of an irregular series by yours, truly: I have happened upon yet another difference between your old pal Tommy and President Barack Obama.

Today, I had to put my truck in for a little work to be done. Nothing serious. Just a little bit of stuff that needs to be done for me not to go crashing to bridges, abutments, pedestrians, livestock or other cars. I am currently waiting for them to call to say that they're done. It is backing up my plans for the day, which did not previously include watching Paris Hilton on the Ellen Degeneres show.

By contrast, President Obama has most of his maintenance done for him, long before it become an issue. You don't want to see the President making news because the limousine he's riding had worn brakes and rear-ended the Oscar Meyer Weiner during the Washington DC Christmas parade (because never having seen it, this is how I imagine the Washington Christmas Parade goes at the end: The Oscar Meyer Wiener, the President's Limo and Santa Claus bringing up the rear).

And the president probably puts Paris Hilton on Ellen on Tivo. Because he's busy during the day, one would imagine. And a busy man needs to be able to fast forward through commercials during Ellen (and Jeopardy and WWE Monday Night Raw, which I'm sure the President watches, as well).


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