Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I wrote some

I wrote a little tonight.  Mostly about that thing.

Didn't turn out well, but at least I wrote.  I'm a Lazy bastard.

Been bumming about work, lately.  Not enjoying the job.  Again.  Too little work/life balance.  Not getting to do stuff outside of work.  Missed the summer trivia finals.  Didn't hit a Braves game all year, because it was too hard to string a couple days off in a row, or even snag a Sunday off.  Timing was part of it.  How the fuck did they manage to be on the road for all but a couple days of vacations I took during baseball season?

But I digress.

Not getting to see friends and family.  Sucks to have my sister ask about several weekends for camping trips with her and my nephew, and having to shoot them all down because I'm working.  The one I have free?  They're busy.

Being a grownup sucks.


I wrote a bit.

I'd like to write more.

I'd like to find a position with a more regular set of hours, to set myself up a routine.

That might be a cop out, my brain says.

It might not be, my other brain says.

I have two brains.

Or, I have a kidney that thinks a little much of itself, and thinks it's capable of doing more than helping filter and flush toxins from my body.

Anyway.  I wrote.

Here's what I listened to:

"Sara"             Fleetwood Mac
"Birdplane"        Axis of Awesome
"You Put the Hurt on Me"     Sara and the Tall Boys
"House Where Nobody Lives"      Tom Waits
"I'm Free"        The Who
"America's Dreaming"      Old Man Markley
"The Revolution Starts Now"      The Mahones
"Counting"  Jherek Bischoff, featuring Carla Bozulich
"Karmageddon"      Hank Williams III
"Jump Around"       House of Pain
"If  You Know What's Good For You"      Dale Watson
"The Transformers Theme"       White Lion
"The Americans"         John Mellencamp
"Dying of Another Broken Heart"          Lindi Ortega


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