Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In which he should stay off the social media until he's had his coffee

I wake up.  I sit there on the edge of the bed.  I look at the text message I received at 2 in the morning from a co-worker.  I then go scrolling through Facebooke.

It turns out, I'd never done the math on the propensity for my friends named Rachel to marry guys named Matt.  I've got three sets of Rachel and Matt among my friends.

Just two of those sets are are on social media, but it was the third that I was getting confused.

One set had a baby.

It was the set is made of my friend Rachel, whom I used to see often, but then stopped seeing as much when I got transferred up to the Loudon, and then we just never hooked back up as often, after that.  She married a fellow named Matt, who's a pretty cool dude.

However, my sleep-addled brain didn't grasp that it was that Rachel, as she posts infrequently on the Facebook.  Without saying too much myself, she didn't mention the pregnancy much due to the personal risks.  I read this, and understood, though in my mind, I had the complete wrong Rachel in mind saying this.  the one I had in mind was one I see somewhat often, if irregularly, as she shops in my store from time to time.  The thought running through my mind:  I had no idea she was pregnant.  She didn't look pregnant.

I got up.  Took a pee.  Made a cup of coffee.

Sat down at my computer, and wanted to read the post again.  I typed in Rachel, and the first that pops up is a friend from my home town, that I went to school and church with.  She had no posts about being pregnant, and I was again confused for a couple seconds.

Anyway.  This long and boring post was made possible by a cup of coffee.  I've sorted my Rachel/Matt combos out.  Congrats to the one with a new daughter.  Congrats to all of them for being married to Matts.  I like to think that somewhere up on the astral plane, there's a chortle about this.


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