Monday, November 02, 2015

November and whatnot

Wandering back to work off of vacation today.

It's tough.  The second half of the year has been difficult, due to scheduling obligations.  I've been closing a lot more.  Days off usually come after a closing shift, and days off are generally followed by an opening shift.  Not a lot of weekends off.

And we're coming to the hard part of the year.  The next 8 weeks aren't my favorite.  So, head down, and move forward.

Joined another Hysterics at Eric's this  weekend.  Got to see a goodly number of folks.  Made the promise not to be such an anti-social asshole, and go visit a few of these folks.

Realizing that in 11 days, this blogamathing turns 13.  It's really been just limping along the last three or four years (if not longer).  Thinking of piecing a few bits together, and putting something up in the Kindle store.  See what sticks.....


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