Monday, November 07, 2016

Election Day T-Minus 1

We're electing a President and a few much more important offices tomorrow.

I've voted already.  Week before last while I was on vacation.

I won't wander off into personal politics, except to say that I tend to vote against the incumbent, regardless of stripe.

As such, I voted for Melody Shekari in my U.S. House race (Tennessee House District 3, if you're curious), over Cigar Store Politician Chuck Fleishchman.

I don't have a particular gripe with Fleischmann, aside from his kneejerk pandering to the party line and his being a man incapable of independent thought.  His fearmongering TV ads during the Republican primary, where his opponents were looking to take away benefits from veterans, up to and including snatching their wheelchairs out from under their users, were repulsive.  It was Mick Foley style cheap heat from a man who doesn't know how to be personable.  He is a man who doesn't know how to smile.

Maybe I'm just bitter that he hasn't taken up my suggestion to hire Ed Helms as a stand-in.

But even if he weren't a repulsive cardboard cutout of a candidate, I'd vote against him based on a tendency to vote against the incumbent.  I voted for Melody Shekari.  I probably don't stand with her on everything...her website is as vanilla as Fleischmann's actually.  Here's a ballotpedia rundown of her stances.  Here's a quick profile of her.  It asks all the hard-hitting questions like "What's the last movie you saw in the theater?" and "Go-To Karaoke song?"

Still, it does ask her favorite non-chain restaurant in Chattanooga, her answer is Terminal Brewhouse.  I respect that answer, as Terminal does good work and has great beer.  I think my answer, for Chattanooga, is Urban Stack, but I'm not the one running for Congress.

I dunno.  The House and Senate races are generally more interesting to me.  It's aggravating that we can't seem to dig up a decent challenger to Fleischmann.  I'd say Fleischmann will poll a good 75% of the vote....


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