Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The listens this day, 16 April 2014

Worked until 2:30 this morning.  Came home.  Didn't fall to sleep so much as plummeted headlong into it.  Your pal Tommy is a sleep sissy.

Made myself get up at 9.  It's too easy to fall into that 1 AM routine.  I'd like to wear those comfortable britches, but those comfortable britches don't work well with that routine that my Overlords demand, inasmuch as those other days where I gotta get my big ass out of bed somewhere in the neighborhood of 5:15.

Anyway.  Did find time to write this morning, as soon as I was able to jam some coffee into my gob.

And, I found a little time to write.  Got a story that I'm thinking of just throwing up for Kindle publishing, just to see what I can get out of that.  Just goofy shit.

Anyway:  Here's what I listened to:

"Polish Work Song"    Dex Romweber Duo
"W.W.J.D."       Axis of Awesome
"Sit Down by the Fire"    the Pogues
"Down to the Well"     Hard Working Americans
"God Fearing People"      JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers

(Might I pause here to note that I FINALLY got to see the Dirt Daubers live a couple weeks back?   This was the song, as performed by Wilkes with the Legendary Shack Shakers, was what turned me onto the man's work.  Both versions are fantastic.  Somehow, without the grunge and holler of the Shack Shakers version, this one hits the nail a little more on the head)

"More Pills"      Amy Ray
"Particles"     the Whiskey Gentry
"The Passenger"       Iggy Pop
"Pancho and Lefty"      Jason Isbell & Elizabeth Cook
"Sugar Dyed"     St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ultimate Warrior

I guess you people really liked the Ultimate Warrior.  Every place I turn today, his death is being reported.  Trending on Twitter.  Top story on Facebook.  Play on the teevee.

Which is cool, I guess, because I liked the Ultimate Warrior, too.  I was glad to see him get recognition for the Hall of Fame this past weekend.  Sad that he's passed, but glad that he got to bury the hatchet with a few people he was holding grudges against.

Still.  Everybody's talking about the Ultimate Warrior.

I only bring it up now because before, every time I brought up the Ultimate Warrior in conversation, everybody used to laugh it off like I was making a joke, or tried to change the subject. Know this: I never joked about the Ultimate Warrior. Never.  He was pertinent to damn near every conversation (except when I brought him up when Steven and Janet were exchanging vows...I realize now that was inappropriate, and probably something I should have saved for a toast at their reception).

I say all that to say this: Did you know you're not allowed in several businesses if you're wearing Ultimate Warrior facepaint and ribbons? They kept saying something about "No Shirt" but that's silly, because the Ultimate Warrior didn't wear a shirt.

I'm never going back to that Big Lots.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Quick notes of Musical Interest

Wandered out to this month's Scenic City Roots show down at Track 29 in Chattanooga last night.  It's monthly (or so) show that features four or five musical artists.  Most artists can be grouped under an Americana umbrella, but there's been a little bit of everything in the handful of shows I've managed to make it to.

As much as we'd enjoyed the first few shows, we'd not caught one in a few months.  Work was mostly to blame.

We made it last night, though.  Was very pleased with the local offering, and I submit their kickstarter to you

Only four days left.  Jump on in there.  They do good work.  At least, they're on my radar, now.


Just putting my thoughts onto paper, here.

The city where I work, Cleveland, has 2 movie theaters, with 26 screens split between them.

Each of those screens averages 5 showings a day.

That's 130 slots a day.  (910 in a week).

Why do they show the same 8 movies between then?

Between them, there are seven showings of Non-Stop, a month old mediocre action-ish movie with Liam Neeson.

10 showings of Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  11 of God's Not Dead.  25 of Captain America.

I don't understand how that business works.  I'm not sure what kind of money goes into a showing.

But still.  Wouldn't it make good business sense to try showing something that your competition isn't?

Just kinda pissed that Grand Budapest Hotel isn't showing any closer than Chattanooga or Knoxville.

Pissed, but not surprised.

I'd be curious how many folks show up for those showings of Non-Stop.