Saturday, October 07, 2023


 I don't think anybody regularly checks this thing anymore.   I don't. 

Just sorting thoughts, really. 

To update,  for those curious:  about 9 months ago,  I got fired.   I was said to have made violent statements about an associate.   Specifically that I was going to put them against a wall and shoot them.   It was a lie,  but it was corroborated by another associate.   And after nearly 20 years of working like an idiot,  I was fired. 

I talked to a couple attorneys.  Three, actually.  Two didn't want the case and the third wanted a retainer I couldn't afford.   Basically,  Tennessee is a Right to Work state,  and you can get fired for any reason. 

I started working with my wife's family the next week.   I like my job.   The schedule is better.   The general quality of co workers is better.   My stress level is a lot lower. 

The pay is the only downside.   It's a significant cut in pay.   

I didn't realize it,  but I really enjoyed taking Shyam places.   And right now,  I can't afford it.   

It's all good...I mean,  we aren't wanting for anything.   Our house and vehicles are paid for.   Outside of a little debt for my medical issue last summer,  we're good. 

But little things like a trip to Disney or to see a couple baseball games are on the back burner for a while.   And to be honest,  I'm down about that.   

I'd made tentative plans to go find something part time,  to make a little extra money.   Try to afford a trip some place.   Pay that medical bill. 

Then, about a month ago,  mom had a stroke.   It could have been much worse than it was.   Cognitively she's still all there.   Her balance is boogered up though.   Needs a walker,  and somebody to drive her if she needs to go someplace.   So,  that's taking some time. 

Things will get better.   Her physical therapist tells us to be patient.   And I'm sure she's right.

Still,  I'm kinda down. 

I wish I weren't.   I feel guilty for feeling this way. 


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