Thursday, May 22, 2003

Okey dokey. I need somebody to explain this whole Annika Sorenstam (sp?) situation to me. If you're not bright enough to not write your by-laws to be so inclusive, then why the hell is any member of the PGA complaining?

I say this: The by-laws of the Professional Golfers' Association are deisgned for them to have the best golfers. Period.

I say let her see if she can play with the guys. I saw follow Heavenly Tiger Woods' advice and let her play in five or six tournaments, to see how she really does stack up. I personally think it'd be cool to have a professional competition truly be open to everybody. so long as they meet the competitive standard.

Now that I think about it, they've got women in racing. Both open-wheel (Sarah Fischer) and NASCAR (Shawna Robinson, and coming up, Deborah Renshaw) let the women compete with the men. They're credentials are like any of the gentlemen's. And they play on the same playing field.

I say that so long as Annika (or any woman) can play according to the by-laws of the PGA, then shut the hell up and let her play.

More than anything, I think that golf is a white guy's game, traditionally. And anything that screws with that is strictly verboten.

In other Sporting News:

Steve McNair got pulled over in Nashville for DUI. I realize that at 2:15 with several beers in you, you aren't making the best decisions. But by god I can only thinkg of 100,000 Nashvillian Titan Fans who would have given Steve a ride home.


Detroit got the second pick in the NBA draft, via a trade with Memphis. Watching what little basketball that I did this season, I think the only thing Detroit was missing was a dependable scorer. I'm thinking Detroit and Carmelo Anthony are a nice fit.


The Semi-Final Round in this year's Intercontinental Boochy Tag Tournament pits the team of Dennis Rodman and Corey Feldman against Rosie O'Donnell and Santa Claus in the first contest, with Dom Deluise and Scott Baio vying against defending champions John Kruk and Stephen Hawking.


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