Sunday, May 18, 2003

Does anybody else, when they hear the phrase "freak accident," think of something along the lines of Michael Jackson running his transfer truck cab over a tricycle-riding Andre the Giant?

Tonight's best Fox Sunday TV quote comes from King of the Hill, when Hank says to Peggy:

"You know, if you asked me, there might just be a silver lining to our son not being a singing cowboy."

On WTCI's High School "Toss Up" program, my alma mater McMinn County High School beat Baylor, a Chattanooga based private school. That did my heart good, as I always enjoyed beating a private school. But then in the next half-hour, Ooltewah High School beat the living crap out of McMinn. I didn't bother even to watch until the end. It was that disheartening.

The questions were much harder than I remember them being when I played high school quiz bowl. Which means either the questions are getting harder, or I'm getting dumber.

Right now, the latter is favored by 6 1/2.


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