Thursday, April 15, 2004

By The Numbers....

By the Numbers....

If you're keeping score.

It's tax day. Lot of people crunching some numbers. In that spirit, a few numbers.....

15: When they announced on the radio last night that April 15th was also High Five day, the number of times one particular co-worker went to high five me.

0: The number of times anybody else wanted me to high five them.

3: The number of times I wanted to high five somebody.

1: Number of times the person said to me: Leave Me Alone.

4: The number of times I saw somebody out of the corner of my eye last night, but when I turned to look, nobody was there.

1: Number of times I was really weirded out by it.

20: The number of minutes I had to wait on a grilled chicken wrap and a sugarfree cherry limeade when I stopped at Sonic after work.

3: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much I enjoyed my post-work meal.

3: On the trip from work to Sonic, and from Sonic to home, the number of times I had to swerve lightly to the left to avoid somebody in a motorized wheelchair riding on the edge of the road.

5: Roughly, the number of miles I travelled from work to Sonic, and Sonic to home.

3: Number of school zones I passed through in that time.

1: Number of school marm/crossing guards who yelled through my closed window to slow down, even though I was doing the mandatory 15 miles an hour.

300+: Number of times I've heard the Herm Johnson skit on the Bob and Tom Show.

Every time: Number of times I laugh when Herm loses his cool yelling for his hard-of-hearing wife of 67 years Marguerite.

2: Number of days ago I did my taxes.

0: On a scale of one to 10, how much I'm looking forward to having to go to the post office today, anyway.

Thank you. These have been the mundanities of Tommy's Thursday.


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