Monday, April 12, 2004

Well, that was humbling....

The Cubs playing the Pirates. In the home opener.

The Home Opener at Wrigley never looks like fun, though. It's always 41 degrees and it seems like every other year there's the threat of snow. I don't much cotton to baseball in April in Chicago. Maybe the baseball lords should make it so that we don't play in Wrigley until the ivy's green.

They lost 13-2.

Maddux got shelled.

HE WALKED IN A RUN. There is nothing in baseball that frustrates me more than watching my pitcher walk in a run. Having a Hall of Famer do it just twists my stomach into a knot.

I gave up right then. I went to bed. Screw it. If they're going to play like it's 2002, then I got nothing for them, either.

This is not the way to start a season. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are teams that we need to beat consistently. We're 1-3 against the Central so far. I know it's early. But a couple of games where the pitching staff gives up that many runs this early in the season might be the first couple of shovel-fulls of a morale pit that they may never get out of.

I blame Peter Gammons.


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