Monday, May 17, 2004

Your Price is Right Update

Your Price is Right Update

I know a lot of you are reading this at work. Which means you're missing everybody's favorite daytime game show, the Price is Right.

Here's what's happened so far today.

Somebody screwed somebody over by bidding a dollar more than the first person's bid. Not a unique occurrence, by any stretch of the imagination. I just enjoy watching the frustration of the person who gets their bid effectively cancelled out. I'd tear up the set like Jonathan Winters in the Gas Station.

This girl had Bob Barker's name written all over her body, and won, among other things, a set of encyclopedias. She seemed visibly upset by her selection of prizes.

And this guy named Pram, who is wearing an American Idol T-Shirt and who proclaimed William Hung as his hero, pranced more in his "Come On Down" run than anybody outside of the old 3 Little Pigs Disney cartoon has any right or need to. I mean, I think Liberace would have clocked this guy with a candelabra and said "Be a Man!"

I would have donated my life savings to the Humane Society if Bob Barker had just pulled a gun out and shot him when he got to contestants' row, just for being so happy.


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