Friday, March 10, 2006

South Africa vs. the U.S.

South Africa vs. the U.S.

Well, just turned over from watching Tennessee lose to South Carolina just in time to watch Ken Griffey put the United States baseball team up 7-0 over South Africa, with a monster shot to right. Haven't gotten to see Clemens pitch against those guys from South Africa, who impressed me so much the other night against Canada.

As Lee Smith, who's acting as pitching coach for the South African team, wanders out to the mound to make a pitching change, I thought that I've always felt like Lee eats farm animals. And not in the nice, pre-packaged bacon and eggs kind of way.

It's more like a sasquatch coming out of the woods and stealing them out of the pen, and eating the beasts while they scream.

That's appropriate of very little, I suppose, but it's something I've always thought about Lee Smith, even way back when he was closing for the Cubs.


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