Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Thoughts: Well, shit. It's 11:20

Oscar Thoughts: Well, shit. It's 11:20

Tom Hanks' introduction and presentation of the Best Director oscar reminded me of Harrison Ford a couple years back. Both came out looking lightly disheveled, seeming slightly annoyed. Both got through the intros and presentations in less than a minute and a half.

It's getting late. These guys wanna go drink (more).


Jack Nicholson's out. He's not in a hurry. He knows that the alcohol will be there when he does. Because nobody, but nobody, is gonna drink Jack's stuff. I mean, dude's got the stroke to sit next to Keira Knightley. Whoever was sitting there before then? Already buried under the Staples Center.

Nobody rushes Jack Nicholson to a party. Because Jack Nicholson is the Party.


Holy Shit. Crash won. It was my late afternoon prediction.

I saw Crash. There were performances in Crash (Sandra Bullock was surprisingly good, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Esposito and Terrence Howard also performed strongly) I liked very, very much.

There were also parts (Ryan Philippe and Don Cheadle, in what I thought was a trite, simplistic performance on his part), that I hated.

On the whole, I thought Crash was a mixed bag of performances.

And for an ensemble piece, I don't know that it gelled like it could (and should) have.

The script is decent. A bit short-sighted, I think.

But it has good dialogue. Great, even.

But the movie itself is just likeable. I don't know that I'll ever think of it as one of the great ones.

Of course, my perceptions may change over time.

Do you think the backlash got to Brokeback Mountain?


Good show tonight. Very lighthearted. I think Jon Stewart brought a lot of that.

I didn't feel the taint of Bruce Vilanche's hackery.

(Jeebus. If ever there were a line to be taken out of context for this blog, it is the phrase "I didn't feel the taint of Bruce Vilanche...")


Anyway. I didn't mean to live blog this thing. Just didn't have anything better to do tonight. I'd planned on writing as I watched. Turns out I did; just not what I'd intended to write....


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