Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughts from the Ass End of the Night, volume 393

An insomnia post?

There are two things that brought on this bout of insomnia, I'd say.

First, I've had the past four days off. And, if there's one time I can pretty much count on not being able to sleep, it's the night before returning to work, after a handful of days off.

Second? I mentioned, mostly in passing and not at all to brag, that I haven't had an insomnia night in quite a while.

Toward the first? I've had the past few days off. There were a couple of changes at work, as it concerned bonus structure and personal days in the year 2011. And while it's just now hitting me that Christmas expenditures need to start being budgeted Now, I guess I can handle a few extra personal days.

These past four days, taken off to take care of a couple personal errands, but mostly to watch a few games of basketball, were the first four such days off I've had in my time with the company. (I was under the mistaken impression that I'd gotten a four-day weekend for my cousin Michelle's wedding a couple of springs back, but turns out that was just a 3 day-job...also rare, but not worth writing home about.) Suffice it to say, I've been working ridiculously the past few months, and somehow, I've missed out on watching the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament for pretty much 4 years running, for one reason or another. Actually very glad I took the days off to catch a few basketball games.

Speaking of which, my bracket was destroyed Saturday night. I'd gone to see a movie, and grab a bite with a friend. Saw a highlight, during dinner, that Pittsburgh had fallen. Twice in two years, Butler single-handedly destroyed my bracket. Only difference is, this year, they did it in one fell swoop...last year's annihilation was bit by bit.

Surprised to see the Big East fall apart. Saw that while I did actually sleep tonight, Notre Dame lost as well. I'm as surprised as anybody. I drank that Kool-Aid. I had 3 Big East Teams in the Final Four. Of those three, only Connecticut is still alive, and they had to beat a Big East team to make it to the Sweet 16 themselves.

And I suppose it's as good a time as any to talk about what the bummer that was the end of Tennessee's men's season. Rough year. Troublesome to see as talented a bunch of ballplayers as we've seen in Knoxville basically quit. Very troublesome. On th year? Bruce Pearl revealed himself to be a cheat. In talking with my brother-in-law, I mentioned that I go back and forth. I don't want a cheat as a head coach. At the same time, I don't want to go back to it being a "good season" if Tennessee makes it to the NIT. Spoiled by a small taste of success, I'd say. Six years making it to the tournament will do that to a man. Is it worth it to keep him around? I dunno. Funny how I seem to sneer at Bonds, Sosa and McGwire, yet I waffle on Pearl.

Well. It's 4:53. Going to start getting ready for the job. Y'all take it easy. This has been an Insomnia post....


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