Saturday, July 21, 2012


I got the "Tryouts" piece from Rudy stuck in my head when that commercial for Dick's Sporting Goods came on this morning.  Got me to thinking about a few favorite pieces of movie music:

First, the mentioned "Tryouts" by Jerry Goldsmith.  Goldsmith's score is the best thing about Rudy, and bear in mind that I like the rest of Rudy quite a bit....

Promontory, from the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack, by This is another that gets in my head, and another one that's popped up advertising--Nike used it in a Leave it on the Field type spot.

Danny Elfman's work on the 1989 Batman flick is fantastic, and the whole score is definitely worth a listen.  I always like the Finale, though.  Maybe it's where it wanders into the John Williams heroic brass toward the end....

Speaking of Mr. Williams.... there's a lot of I love, but for some reason, this one from Return of the Jedi stands out.  Just has the right energy for moment.  Plus, it helps that Billie Dee Williams has one of the single greatest acting moments in the history of can they be jamming us....if they don't know we're coming?

I don't care what you say.  I love David Arnold's score to Independence Day.  It's just as cheesy as the flick, and this is my favorite part:

Ecstasy of Gold is always a favorite.

I felt like the one thing Marvel truly missed out on was having strong, identifying scores for all the characters in their movies, perhaps from one composer.  As it stands, Alan Silvestri's work on The Avengers is fantastic, and when the billion dollars worth of dust settles, I think the soundtrack may end up being one of my favorite bits from the movie.

Another favorite, from an all time favorite flick, To Kill a Mockingbird

Another Goldsmith.  The music for Gremlins is spot on....


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