Friday, August 23, 2013

Notes, and The Listens

Taking a couple personal days leading up to this weekend's Southern Brewer's Fest.  One doesn't have much to do with the other, except that I was already taking the weekend off, and if I don't start burning personal days before October, there's not a lot of chance to use them.  No buybacks.  And seeing that we were "given" the personal days in lieu of the annual safety bonus a couple years back, I'd prefer not to lose those again....

Anyway.  Took advantage of the time off to wander out to North Carolina on Wednesday for trout food.

Wandered out last night to catch a screening of Edgar Wright & company's Cornetto Trilogy up in Knoxville last night.  Found new gags, on the big screen, for Shaun of the Dead.  And a new appreciation for Hot Fuzz, which was one of those movies I watched most likely overtired and in bad mood.

The World's End?  I'd like a little distance before I declare the best, but I liked it better on first screening than either Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz.  Time will tell.

Wrote some this morning.  Trying to get back into the swing of things.  Find a routine.  Managed to put about a thousand words on the page four days out of the last five.  So, there's that.

Here's what I listened to this morning while doing so:

"I'm No Elvis Presley"     Lindi Ortega
"Heading for the Light"      Traveling Wilburys
"Driver 8"      R.E.M.
"One Left in the Chamber"     Corb Lund
"Half Mile Down"     Old Crow Medicine Show
"the Death of Me"      Dex Romweber Duo
"Trigger Happy"      Weird Al Yankovic
"Sweet Caroline"      Neil Diamond
"Fall in Love with Me"     Iggy Pop
"South Australia"      the Pogues
"Rise to the Sun"      Alabama Shakes
"Jump Around"     House of Pain
"A Good Man Knows"     Black Jake and the Carnies
"Bennie and the Jets"      Elton John


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