Friday, November 13, 2015


Well, the old blogamathing turns 13 today.

It's not an everyday hobby, like it used to be.  The Facespace and the Twitter and the Letterboxd and the Flamdangled and the Bozzletwan and the Instagram and the Flordnorbit and all the other social media platforms have taken a lot of the steam out of it.

I mean, we're busy.  I'm not made of time, y'all.  All this professional wresting isn't going to watch itself.

So, now when I need to shout an inanity into the sky, like this:

I can use my smart telephone to hurl another witticism into the void!

I can also use my smart telephone to compose blog posts, I reckon, but I think the fight with autocorrect would drive me insane.

Once upon a time, I was attempting to text "I love you" to Shyam, and my fumblethumbs and Swype conspired to write "I love tit."

Which is true, but not the sentiment I was looking to convey at the time.

Anyway.  I still post here three or four times a month.  It doesn't mean I'm not trying to jam french fries into your mind.  I'm just pressed for time.

What I'm trying to say is that in 13 years, I've not learned much, and I'm working even  more like a botard, but I'm still here.  And, Dusty Rhodes willing, I will be for a good long time....


Blogger Elisson said...

May you continue to post your sundry mind-farts to this, your Personal Internetty Argleblargh, for a long time to come.

9:56 AM  

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