Friday, February 27, 2004


Speaking of soup recipes, in amidst the gun and dog posts, Say Uncle posted a recipe for soup called Mustgo, and I would like to give a short review.

I think it's best to stick to the ingredients he lists.

See, the operative phrase in his recipe is "use your own judgment."

Mustgo is a soup designed to be tasty and also to clean out the fridge. If it's good in soup, put it in the soup pot. (I paraphrase).

He does say "use your own judgment" as to what's good in soup.

Well, a word of warning. If your judgment says that a jar of bleu cheese salad dressing, nine kosher dill pickles, two leftover pieces of fried chicken, the can of tuna and ocean whitefish cat food you bought by accident, a can of coconut milk and the remainder of the pitcher of Strawberry-Kiwi Kool Aid would be good in a pot of soup, then you're probably not the one to be cooking supper tonight.

It's not so much those things that are bothering me, though. I keep the aloe sunburn gel in the fridge door, and it smelled kind of like the beach....

My guts...they's a burnin.....

However, I have seen, smelled and cataloged nearly 40,000 new colors that we'll begin discussing once we've got Leap Day out the way.

Just a short update: Jeebus H. Crisco, I've got a Journalism'd think I'd learn to spell/use proper grammar/proofread.....


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