Thursday, April 15, 2004

Donut Eating Prize

Donut Eating Prize

According to this article, a Wisconsin police officer won a doughnut eating challenge by downing 9 1/2 doughnuts in 3 minutes.

Now, not to trap myself into any sort of challenge, but 9 1/2 doughnuts in 3 minutes? That doesn't sound like all that much, really. I mean, that's right around a doughnut every 20 seconds.

Hell, I could do that. Especially if they were glazed, and fresh made.

I don't eat them now, but I remember back in the day, when a fresh made Krispy Kreme came to me hot off the magical doughnut making machine? It'll dissolve like cotton candy in your mouth. You don't even have to chew. Just swallow the concoction of the warm dough, grease and sugar.

Yeah. I think this guy's days as donut eating champ are numbered. I mean, that little Japanese guy can put down 30 hot dogs in five minutes. A hot dog doesn't mash up like a doughnut would.

Yeah. 9 1/2 isn't that much at all.

One caveat: if the cop was eating powdered doughnuts, as implied by the line "left his opponents in a cloud of powdered sugar," then 9 1/2 donuts is quite the remarkable feat.

I'll show the respect, because that's a horse of a different color. Powdered doughnuts are harder to eat in a hurry. Especially if you don't have anything to drink. That powdered sugar and cake just dries all the moisture out of your mouth. It becomes impossible to swallow. Clogs up the works.

But still. I think 9 1/2's a pretty low number. Maybe he was sandbagging, so that he got into an easier field in the National competition.


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