Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Black Socks

Black Socks

Shyam, in a comment about the wedding this past weekend, had this to say:

3. you ALL cleaned up very nicely. even billy and jason. and hal once we stopped and bought socks.

(Billy is the Evil Hippy, and Jason was once the proprietor of the Angry Jack blog, and Hal is Shyam's significant other.)

There were a lot of us with black sock problems. I realized when I was packing my stuff to take over to the church that I'd grabbed navy blue socks from the apartment instead of black. Benjy had come from Oregon without any, and had to buy some. Hal had to buy some (or was it somebody had to make him buy them?)

And unless I'm mistaken, the groom his own self had a problem of some sort, although it may not have necessarily been with the black socks.

I don't know. I don't think anybody would have noticed. Hell, I've worn two different shoes to work and had nobody notice, least of all myself.

But I think it's a sign that we cared.

Or that we were very afraid.

Maybe one led to the other.


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