Saturday, December 25, 2004

White Christmas

White Christmas

Well, we're waiting on my sister to wake up. We see that Victoria, Texas has gotten its first white Christmas in 86 years.

I can remember snow flurries on Christmas in my neck of the woods. We got a dusting one year, about five years ago. But no major snows, that I can remember, even in my Christmas travels. I think we may have gotten one here in Tennessee when we were up visiting relatives elsewhere on Christmas. But I've never had a White Christmas in the terms of a good, get-out-and-play-in-it snow. Maybe next year.

It's clear and very cold at the BSTommy compound this Christmas. 16 degrees. It's frosty. I let the dogs out, and they look at me, wishing that I could teach them to use the inside toilet.


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