Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's Run Out in Front of Tommy Day

It's Run Out in Front of Tommy Day

An astounding number of animals in the road tonight.

1. A dog ran out in front of me as I was leaving work tonight. A mutt, but a mutt with a lot of German Shepherd in it. This one was too close. I locked the brakes up for that dog. Flatspotted the tires. Gonna have to pit.

2. A skunk (!!!!!) as I waited to turn next to McDonald's. A skunk! Yeah, it's a small town. I waited to let the skunk pass. I rolled up the windows. Just in case. Though I wondered what they'd do at the Wal Mart if I'd wandered up there to buy tomato juice smelling awfully of skunk spray.

3. Two cats near the courthouse. One was striped, one was white (or yellow). The striped one was being chased by the white (or yellow) one. I imagine the striped one had stolen something from the white (or yellow) one. Perhaps beer.

4. Another dog, on Cedar Springs Road. This was a BIG freakin' dog. My tired mind didn't even identify it as "dog" first. My mind said "VW Minibus. With Hair."

5. A deer, also on Cedar Springs Road. Gotta be careful. It's too easy to hit one of those rats with antlers when I'm driving home from a late shift. And they're the dumbest creatures God put on this Earth. Honestly. Horrible. Dumber than your average Alabaman, even. They see you, and decide to jump back into the road after jumping out. I hate those damn deer.


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