Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday Night

Sunday Night

A few random thoughts.

I don't think I've hated a show so quickly and instantly as I did The War at Home. I changed the channel when Michael Rapaport is doing the "free porn on the internet" speech. That's right around 15 seconds.

Dear TV: I apologize. When I said I want less reality TV, and more scripted stuff, I meant good scripted stuff, like Arrested Development or Lost.




Also? can we have fewer cop shows? Is every show on CBS this year a cop show? It's like their weekly lineup is Two and a Half Men, and 63 cop shows.


Last year's interesting trend in my pick'em league concerning the Tennessee Titans continues. Last year, it seemed that every time I picked them to win, they'd lose; and every time I'd pick them to lose, they'd win.

Well, I picked the Ravens to run over my Titans, but the Titans defense came out and punched the Ravens in the mouth.

I can't complain much. I lost a few points. But the Titans won. And the Ravens, and their evil, faux-supergenius coach Brian Billick, deserve any loss they can get.


I haven't heard a good joke lately. Anybody got one?


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