Monday, February 13, 2006

Things I wanna point out

Things I wanna point out

This is a link love post.

I first want to link to Pete from A Perfectly Cromulent Blog, for his review of the Pink Panther, which touches on something on Steve Martin's career that I've noticed. It's like he's suffering from Chevy Chase disease, and has forgotten how to be funny on screen. And the thing is, I like his prose the past decade or so very much--Pure Drivel is as funny a collection of stories as you'll find.

His on screen work is for shit, lately.

I had a friend who said you could link the last times Steve Martin was funny on camera to around the same time his friend John Candy died. He had no empirical proof for this, but I'd say it's as good a thing to say as any, here on a blog. I mean, what is a blog without an unsubstantiated assertion?

And this is just personal opinion: I'm as tired of this whole remake trend, as well. But I can't think of any movies that needed to be remade less than the Pink Panther movies. I think I'm probably the only person in the world who took very little from any of the Inspector Clousseau movies (with the exception of A Shot in the Dark, which is actually pretty good). Apparently, the makers of the new Pink Panther have managed to suck out the little that was good in the originals.

I also wanted to link to Pete's post on his blog, in which he comments on the experience of actually going to see the Pink Panther as a reviewer....

I have no context for the next couple of links.

Dave had a Jack Bauer list up that plays off the Chuck Norris list that's been passed around. My favorite:

31) If Jack Bauer was gay, his name would be Chuck Norris.

Dave also had this link to a list of Comic Character Religions. I enjoyed it, for some reason.

And lastly, I wanted to link to Steven's pictures of attending an Atlanta Braves Caravan event down in Chattamanooga. Mostly, I want to point out the last picture, of announcer Pete Van Wieren signing. You'll have to scroll down.

Now, Pete Van Wieren and Jon Miller have the same haircut. But I'd wager that of the two, Pete Van Wieren is the most likely to be insane. Simply because Jon Miller looks like he's eating well, while Pete's looking a little scrawny.

It's just the impression I get when I see a haircut like that. You know, bald on top with that long, course hair that's left covering the ears?

Combine that with scrawny build and the eyes coming from thick eyeglasses. It just screams: "Dude's crazy," to me. Like he stopped giving a crap a long time ago.

Dude with a haircut like that has bigger problems than "how's my hair look."

I mean, it could just be along the lines of a Howard Hughes. Maybe Pete's afraid of barbers or germs or communists.

Or, it could be a little serious, like "Who has time to cut hair when you're planning to take over the world?" That there makes me afraid to eat at Pete and Skip's BBQ stand in the concourse at Turner Field. Afraid that maybe Pete's roasting up some enemies in that BBQ stand. Nothing like a little long pig at the ballgame....


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