Sunday, March 05, 2006

Link Dump

Link Dump

I slept something like 11 hours last night. Which is way too much. It feels like somebody went and packed my head with cotton, or maybe silly putty.

Here are a few things I've read the past couple of days that I enjoyed:

Fark had a link to a variation on the Kevin Bacon game that I've played already when I was bored. I like the variation of trying to link a movie in the bottom 10 on IMDB's list to a movie on the top 10.


How about a bit of genius that makes me self-conscious about the bullshit I've been posting here, lately? Bad News Hughes and the Webelo Camp story will do that trick. My only memories of Webelo camp are of a kid named Lance eating something he was allergic to and swelling up like a balloon. I don't remember if it was Webelo camp where another kid named Jeremy screamed frantically at the top of his lungs for the scout leader from the bathroom because a tick was clamped onto his pecker, but for the purposes of this link, we'll just say so.


Gooseneck's moved digs and changed his focus to a new blog, The Umpire....


Here's a video of a live-action Simpsons opening. Good stuff. I like the little touches. The twins playing flute next to Lisa...the Barney Gumble guy Bart passes is cracks me up that they managed to get the crack of Homer's ass as he runs from the car.

When you're through with that, scroll on down to the mashup of Requiem For a Dream and Toy Story 2, which is perhaps even better....

Barry at Inn of the Last Home had the link.


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