Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Thoughts: Torn

Oscar Thoughts: Torn

You know, I was never really psyched about seeing that March of the Penguins movie.

And then I learned tonight that Morgan "Classy...No Tie" Freeman narrates. Dude's awesome. Even when getting tongue-tied around the word "demonstrative," he's cooler than I could ever think of being.

Makes me want to see a movie about penguins.

And then those French dudes got up there and whistled into the microphone and said something like "that's penguin for thank you."

(I don't know what they said, because when he started that inane whistling, I went temporarily insane and spilled my coffee on myself.)

Remember in Big Lebowski, when the Dude shows up at Maude's, and she reveals that the nihilists were a techno-band, but the artiste friend is there at Maude's, and he drives the Dude crazy? Those French guys remind me of that guy.

(The preceding was perhaps the single most incoherent statement ever made on this blog--and that's saying something!!!!)


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