Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Still here, and whatnot

Still here, and whatnot

I'm still here. I think.

Damn. I've updated once in a week? Granted, Blogger had problems, and I went out of town, and I've worked like a sumbitch the last two days.

In a nutshell:

Blogger problems? Well. It's free. My need to spread my bullshit on the internet does not extend so far as to spend even a little money to keep doing it.

Out of town? Well, there was the St. Patrick's Day where I ended up spending the better part of a day, eating two meals and playing very bad pool while we watched the first round of the NCAA tournament. America loves an upset. There were maybe 20 people in the Fox and the Hound when Northwestern State upset Iowa last week, but every one of them went from never having heard of Northwestern State to cheering wildly when they got the final shot....

And then there were a couple of days up in Nashville. Just seeing friends, enjoying the time. And there was a part where Jason and I tried to change a tire. It turned from A Christmas Story "Time Me" to 2 angry men wrestling with the sumbitch and cussing loudly to get it off the axle. It came off. I think it was the cussing that did it.

And then there's work. Ever present. Not much say about the work, except this: I'm an easygoing guy, but I do not do well with people going behind me and changing what I do...especially when changing it makes it wrong, and makes it so that I have to do the shit again. That turns me into a psychotic asshole.

Lastly, there's a bit of writing. I'm having fun with a road story I'm writing. It's coming easy, and I'm enjoying what's coming out. The trick will be reading it again down the road, not deciding it's shit and not getting discouraged.

That last part's why I've been focussing less and less on the blog.

So, if you don't see me around, that's why.

That, and I haven't heard any good fart jokes to share with you guys.

So. While real life gets in the way, I'll be around here less. And it's kind of a gyp to repost old shit (though that won't necessarily keep me from doing it....)

But I'll pop in.


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