Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Help Another Blogger

Help Another Blogger

Hey guys. Robb over at Overfed Mind is doing work for a graduate course, and he'd like your help.

He says:

I am currently taking a graduate course. With this course I need to create a project that includes networking of people. I created a wikispace called 4casters. I am looking at global warming. It asks users to enter yesterdays temp from their zipcode, and the temp from the same date in 1970. It is pretty simple to do if you use The Weather Underground.

So, take a minute and go help Robby out. (His wikispace has more detailed space, so go there first).

He's got a good blog, too. Give it a read when you're done.

Honestly. You're just dicking around at work, anyway. Help a brother out....


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