Sunday, July 09, 2006

This Week in Tommy (TWIT)

This Week in Tommy (TWIT)

Where's Mel Allen when you need him?

A whole week without posting? Shit.

It wasn't intentional. I have a draft of one post, that ended up going way too long. I may end up finishing it today. And for about a day and a half this week, including the day I had off, I had no internet, owing to the fine fellows who have been blocking traffic on my two-lane road, running water from the city out to my neck of the woods. IN the process of burying the pipeline, they managed to cut phone and cable. Now, we can't get cable this high on the hill, but we do yell our ones and zeroes via telephone, and it's hard to do without a wire to connect you to the rest of humanity.

This week?

Worked a bunch. Missed about three different Fourth of July celebrations. Such is the joy of customer service. Instead of celebrating, I got the joy of shopping for an illiterate man who could not read the list his family made for him. And that's not me being funny or laughing. The man cannot read, and he and his family see no problem foisting his problem on somebody else. It's a small thing, but it eats at me. This is 2006, and we still have people who have the capacity wandering around who can't read.

Wandered to a Tennessee Smokies game, my first up in Kodak. Nice little stadium. Convenient to the interstate. I like the fact that it's nestled right next to a campground, for a bit of a backwoods vacationer's Wrigley experience. People in campers sat on picnic tables and watched the Smokies play the Montgomery Biscuits.

I'll say, first, that I wanted a Montgomery Biscuits cap. And the giftshop sold them, but I opted instead on a fitted Smokies cap. It's rare enough to find a fitted cap of any team that fits my size 8 melon, let a lone a minor league team cap, so I jumped on the size 8 Smokies cap....

The game itself? Well, we got as close as I've ever gotten to perfection. Tennessee's Steven Jackson went 7 1/3 perfect. He gave up a tough single in the eighth. High chopper to third, and a speedy runner made for the first baserunner for the Biscuits. Jackson got a good ovation for the effort from those in attendance.

Sad part is, Jackson and the Smokies ended up losing, taking a 1-0 defeat out of the pitcher's duel.

Very quick game, too. Like an hour and 45 minutes. Very quick pace.


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