Sunday, July 23, 2006

Movie Notes

Movie Notes

Ain't done much amateur movie reviewin' lately. So Tommy took advantage of the day off to take in a couple of flicks at the cinema.

Your pal Tommy gives his highest possible recommendation for Clerks 2. Maybe it won't leave the same long term impact as its predecessor (Tommy counts it among his top 10 or 12 favorite movies of all time), but it's definitely the funniest movie Tommy's seen at the theater in a long, long time. He missed a couple entire sections of movie because he was busy laughing at something that had just happened.

Randal's confusion over the term "Porch Monkey" will probably go down among Tommy's favorites scenes of any movie, ever.

Tommy also liked Lady in the Water, but he says so cautiously, and he wants you, the reader, to hear him out. He realizes that a great many people will react nastily to this movie, and to anything M. Night Shyamalan spits out....but there is something in there that speaks to him directly, and he realizes that it's a personal thing that 99% of you will probably not share.

Why did he like it?

Perhaps it is the fact that Bryce Dallas Howard just cemented her place as Tommy's newest movie star crush. There's just something about redheads.

Or perhaps there is something going on with Paul anything he does, Tommy somehow buys, even if it's ham-handedly written (and, well, this is certainly that...)

Or perhaps there's the bit where for good or for ill, this movie falls on Shyamalan's shoulders: writing, directing and producing. In this day and age where studios spit out more shit than movies, all of which seem to be made by a conglomeration of "talent," he'll take a little bit (or even a whole heaping bunch) of ham-handedness from somebody who's making his own picture, and nobody else's.

(Although that crap with the book that just got released that touts him as a misunderstood genius...that's a little much even for Tommy.)

Or perhaps even there is something in Tommy that identifies very much with characters who have not found themselves or a purpose in this world, and those characters inhabit M. Night Shyamalan's movies muchly.

But the smart money's on that whole Bryce Dallas Howard being a hottie thing. Dayum.


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