Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Guesswork in a White Coat

Guesswork in a White Coat

Well, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for an illness. All home-remedies from the previous post appreciated, I'm going to see the doc tomorrow. Mostly because this is a dry county, and I don't have time to drive to Ooltewah or Turkey Creek to buy Jack or Peppermint Schnapp's. But I'm also going because my throat feels like it's been run through with a wire barbecue brush, and I can't think of a good, healthy reason for it to feel that way.

Other than the throat, I feel fine. Normal, at any rate.

But the throat is pretty horrible.

Remember that scene in Road House, where Patrick Swayze rips the throat of the guy he's been fighting out?

I envy that guy right now. And not just for being in such a badass flick as Road House.


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