Saturday, October 07, 2006

Peyton and the Titans

Peyton and the Titans

Rex has a letter to Mr. Manning up on his site. Specifically, it concerns tomorrow's contest between Peyton's Colts and the Tennessee Titans, and how well the Titans secondary will stack up to Peyton's passing onslaught.

I would also like to link to Chris, who reminds us that today marks the 90th anniversary of Georgia Tech squeaking by Cumberland University by a scat 222 point margin, shutting them out 222-0.

I point this out, and bring up a conversation I had with a customer. I asked what he thought the final score of this Sunday's game might be.

He thought for a second, and then said "One hundred Four."

"Four? How are they going to score four?"

"I figure once it gets to one hundred-zip, the NFL will feel sorry for them, and give them a couple of points...."

I don't think it'll be that drastic...but I did put Indianapolis as scoring the highest point total this week in my pick'em league. Maybe not 222-high. But high enough....


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