Friday, October 27, 2006

Voices that Care

Voices that Care

This is what I found on YouTube as I ate my lunch and got ready to go to work:

There are so many things I could point out, and may still. But the one bit I want you to pay attention to comes just after they go to the group shot of the Hollywood stars singing the chorus to the song. I want you to look for Gary Busey, and just how much he is into that song. It's amazing, and it's worth watching the whole video just for that one moment.

I also like the uncomfortable look on Brooke Shields' face as Chevy Chase has his arm around her.

Other things: Don Friggin' King and Mike Tyson...

Others to spot: Mickey Dolenz, Brian Bosworth and (I think) that guy who played the Kobra Kai/Mercy is for the Weak karate instructor in Karate Kid...


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