Monday, January 01, 2007



I added and updated a couple of links on the sidebar.

Newscoma's moved to newer digs. Please direct your attentions accordingly.

I added Galactically Stupid, because I was amused, and overcome by elves carrying ball peen hammers.

And I added another Stephen Silver to my blogroll.

This Stephen Silver has been on my blogroll for quite a while...he's a Twins fan, a movie geek and quite the astute political observer...and a good read to boot. Check his blog out if you haven't yet.

This Stephen Silver is a character designer who did work on the Clerks cartoon, among others. A very interesting blog that I just happened upon looking at the blogroll of somebody who linked here when they hit "next blog" on the blogger page, I reckon. I add his blog because I was amused, overcome by elves with the hammers and because I like little things like people having the same name.


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