Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More thoughts on the State of the Union Address

More Thoughts on the State of the Union address

It occurs to me, as I wrote the title to the post, that the correct title should be "thoughts on the address" rather than "Thoughts on the state of the union."

See, the latter should instead by the title to President Bush's speech.

It's 9:04, and the sound has either gone out on my teevee, or on the C-Span feed.

Damn, that picture really is clear.

I think of that fucking Tom Clancy novel every time the State of the Union address comes around. I haven't watched the news. Which cabinet member got to stay behind, in case Osama decides to blow the capitol to kingdom come?

Do you think the Supreme Court Justices like getting to wear their robes? Do you think any of them wore blue jeans underneath?

I'd wear shorts.

I wouldn't come nekkid, though. You gotta have respect.

Dammit. It's 9:06. Where the hell is the President?


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