Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thoughts on a Thursday

Thoughts on a Thursday

You know that New Year's Resolution, where I wasn't going to work so much?

Well, the world's said "fuck all" to that.


TiVo? As awesome as I thought. Does it make me a dork that I TiVo Jeopardy? How about that I keep score? In a notebook marked "Jeopardy?"

The great thing is that Jeopardy now takes all of 15 minutes to watch, once you edit out the player introductions, the commercials, the interview segment after the first commercial break and Alex Trebek pontificating before Final Jeopardy.

Also great? Tonight's "My Name is Earl" and "Office." Without commercials.

And the TiVo remembers to record these things. I forget things like that. It's why I'd be a bad parent. I can't remember that my Name is Earl comes on every Thursday. How can I be expected to remember that I left my hypothetical toddler lounging in three inches of water in the bathtub?

Yep. TiVo.


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