Thursday, January 18, 2007

Notes from a Thursday Morning

Notes from a Thursday Morning

Four years ago, on this date, I wrote on the pages of this blog: "If I were an animal, I'd be a koala. A giant, pissed off koala."

I still agree very much with this assessment, although I think I'd have to consider the possibility of becoming giant lemur with x-ray vision.


A note from Gunny: He works with Larry Gunter's brother. It is now my belief that Larry Gunter is alive and well, and most likely has not eaten by a bear. Which is good for Larry, I reckon. However, I can't say that without a touch of disappointment. How many people do you know that have been eaten by bears? Up until Gunny's e-mail, that number of people in my life was at "possibly one."

I blame Gunny for that, my not being able to say that anymore.


Yesterday was the worst day off ever. In fact, since I ended up working 9 hours of it at my job, I would say that it wasn't technically a day off at all.

There's gotta be a better way.

I think I'm gonna try my hand at winning the lottery.


Because I've worked so much, I've not had time to take care of the little chores. I think I talked earlier about how my home looks like a crazy hermit lives there. I've cleaned a lot of it up last night and this morning. It struck me in the midst of cleaning my sloppy shit up, that I could very well clean too much, thus sending me back into the strata of "crazy person." So I stopped dousing everything in rubbing alcohol and stopped screaming "No Germs!"

Mostly I did that last part because the neighbors and the fire department asked me to.


Also, I've neglected the laundry situation. I'll rectify that one today. I'm at that point where I need to wash underwear or buy more. I'd thought about fashioning a makeshift pair out of paper towels and duct tape, but the thought of having to peel duct tape off a sensitive area I'd accidentally stuck duct tape to made me scream/laugh in abject horror.

Especially after I tested just how badly it hurts. The fire department asked me to stop doing this, too, right after they said that they weren't the people to call for such an incident.

Live and learn.


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