Saturday, July 28, 2007

Emil Brown

Emil Brown

Emil was my favorite player to root for when he was playing for the Nashville Sounds. He's got one of the best names to shout at the top of your lungs.

And once upon a time, when playing right for the Sounds, he pulled up on a ball that looked like it was arching foul along the right field fould line, only to watch it hit two inches on the fair side of the foul, leading to a triple for the player who'd hit the ball (my mind wants to say Mark Quinn, then a Triple A player in the Royals system, but I may be wrong....). As Emil (pronounced EEEE-MEAL!, loudly, by the way), went bounding into the wall right were my buddy Steven and I were sitting, he said, most calmly: "Oh...Shit...."

That's my Emil story. I like yelling his name, and he once cursed in front of me after he gave up on a play.

He's made a quiet career for himself with the Pirates and Royals. He's had a couple of decent if not spectacular seasons in Kansas City, the last couple of years, hitting .280 or so and driving in 80+ runs. I'd had silent hopes that he'd be the Royals representative in an All-Star game, which is not necessarily as far-fetched as it first sounded.

Anyway. Emil hit a reporter in the eye with a pellet from a pellet gun. I don't know why he did that. But given the judgment he displayed on the grounds of Relatively Lovely Greer Stadium a decade (holy shit) ago, it was a simple misfire of motor neurons followed by a dispassionate, almost disinterested "Oh...shit...."

Addendum: This is neither here nor there, but at my peak, I was hitting 12 or 15 Sounds games a year in the late 90's. The Pirates have sucked for a while, but a few good players ran through Nashville while I watched....the one that pops to mind is Aramis Ramirez, who's now at third for the Cubs. Craig and Jack Wilson come to mind...Craig just missed a four-homer game one rainy night at Greer...what would have been the fourth curved foul around the left field foul pole, and he then popped weakly to short. Chad Hermannson is another name that pops to mind--he wasn't great in the Majors, but I remember that he was a hammer for the Sounds...a Wikipedia check of the Sounds shows that he's their franchise homer record holder....


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